Elite Solutions was created in 2014. The original inspiration came from the desire to enter the most exclusive industry in the planet and develop our characteristics according to the highest standards required by the most elegant clients in the world. All these years we operate, taking for granted that our clients have received the best services worldwide. Knowing that they compare our company with the best and find us efficient, offers to Elite Solutions the valuable ISO in the yachting industry.

Operating 24/7

In Elite solutions, things, always turn to be personal with our clients due to the sense of safety they gain. They are totally aware that any time of the day or night they decide to call us, add products to their order, make corrections or ask for definitions, there will always be someone answering and helping to update even the early next morning orders. Someone who they will know by name and count on him to solve every impossible problem.

Our company is totally crew and brokers needs oriented. Specialized and focused in yachting industry, trying to be on time in all the last minute requests and being aware that this can be achieved only with 24/7 availability.

Our moto

Make our clients and associates  professional life easier!!!  Every impossible desire  is just an extra upgrade for us: in order to provide the exact products required, we know no boundaries. The perfect combination we secure, of price, quality and availability of our products, always brings, to our partners in projects (chefs, stewardesses, captains and brokers) super satisfied clients to be translated in to extra tips for the crew or repeaters for the brokers. 

World wide delivery

For all these years now, we supply yachts who reach 105 meters. Our clients travel all over the world, continually changing countries and continents. Realizing their need to have the best products everywhere they are heading to, we managed successfully to deliver worldwide, facing every order as a special case. We send the products straight from Greece or use dedicated partners all over the world in order to act of our clients’ economical interest.