In Elite Solutions we know that being a chef in a 50m yacht means that you Have advanced knowledge of gourmet cooking and great experience in top restaurants all over the planet. We customize our service in order to provide Every chef the tools in order to secure the best result for their VIP

We Update your professional cookware for your Motor Yachts kitchen
with commercial grade cooking products. You can Choose from
aluminum, carbon steel, cast iron, cookware sets, covers, grates and
racks, induction ready cookware, stainless steel, and cookware accessories.

Additionally, well adjusted to the yachting industry needs we take care of the linen, table clothes, towels, bath items, small decorative items, special plates, according to the budget and the taste of every owner.
All bed linen, mattresses and table clothes are customized concerning the size, material and color in order to perfectly fit and emphasize the best features of the yacht.